Warren Barnett’s Coffee Table

The Warren Barnett is famous for having a huge selection of high quality furniture and so it’s no wonder that their flagship coffee table collection, the Coffee Table Collection was created by Warren Barnett, check this out. This collection has been designed to complement any home or office decor perfectly. Its key feature is its ultra-modern design that combines contemporary styling with traditional European flair. The pieces in this collection are designed to perfection and are constructed from top grade hardwoods like walnut, maple, cherry etc. This allows the pieces to be an ideal addition to your homes or offices, whatever your style preference may be.

Warren Barnett Milwaukee furniture store

In spite of its upscale collection, the Coffee Table Collection from Warren Buffet remains affordable and is hence well loved by families on a tight budget. This amazing collection from wisconsin furniture store also includes matching end tables and foot stools. You can select from a variety of beautiful finishes like natural wood, espresso and chrome for a customized look. You can easily find a perfect piece to add to your existing home or office decor by sifting through the extensive collection available at the Warren Buffet. It is also possible to customize your coffee table by adding in a beautiful hand-carved name plaque to enhance its presence.

This collection from Warren Buffet is sure to attract attention of your visitors as it comes with matching chairs, end tables and bookcases. The styles offered are traditional and contemporary. They are beautifully crafted from the finest quality wood and materials making them highly resilient to wear and tear. These pieces from this famous retail store are guaranteed to complement any interior design perfectly. They are available in various color combinations and designs to suit the requirements of every customer.

The Coffee Table by Warren Buffett consists of five pieces. The first one is the Coffee Table with a Marble Brushed Hand Printed Design. This coffee table is crafted from dark polished wood finished with a matte black finish. The design and matte black finish gives it a sophisticated look. It is equipped with four individually wrapped D-shaped glass doors to provide a unique grooved design.

The second coffee table from Warren Buffett has an intricate design. It has a marble design in the middle section with elegantly designed side extensions. It has a brushed finish and is made from dark marble. The three glass panels on the other section have been stained with white and black stripes respectively to give it a coordinated look. This coffee table is available in four color combination namely: Blue, Cream, Green, and Ivory.

The third table from the Warren Buffet collection is the reception desk. It is available in an executive design and is made from fine wood. It has an intricately designed canopy top that gives it a refined appearance. The three panel doors have been stained with a white cream color.

The fourth and last coffee table from Warren Buffet’s collection is the corporate office desk. It has an antique finish and is made of black walnut wood. The three compartment shelves are fixed with magnets underneath the table’s three leather panels.

Warren Buffet’s collection of coffee tables has received praises from people across the world. They consider it as perfect gift for their office. They feel that such furniture is perfect for any business man or woman, who wants to exude a sense of refinement and style in their office. Such furniture will never fail to enhance the image of a business organization and its employees.

Such coffee tables can be purchased at reasonable rates from most reliable retailers across the country. The wood used in the design can be dried and shaped according to the customers’ requirements. Any person interested in purchasing such a coffee table should make sure that he or she buys one from an authentic dealer. A person can purchase it directly from a manufacturer, or through an authorized dealer. The authentic dealers would offer buyers a wide array of designs to choose from.

The wood that is used in the coffee table should not be made of low quality wood. This will only compromise its durability. Warren Buffet would personally handpick each piece of wood for the creation of his coffee table. It takes at least four to six weeks to hand-polish such a coffee table before it is shipped to the customer.

The coffee table designed by Warren Buffett bears the name of the famous investor himself. His great taste in furniture was displayed not only by the choice of style but also by the choice of woods. Such designs are available for anyone who wants to create an impeccable look in their living room.